Classical Ballet Classes

Classical ballet classes are held for children aged 2 years 6 months and above. All ages and levels are catered for up to age 18 years. Adult ballet classes are also available.

Our beautiful ‘Baby Ballet’ classes for children ages 2-4 years involve basic ballet technique whilst incorporating lots of imagery, story-telling, clapping and fun musical games. This really captures their imagination and instils a love of dance from the very beginning whilst also giving the children the platform to express themselves in a safe, familiar environment.
Parents are allowed to stay in the room for all our baby ballet classes if they wish, we don’t believe in excluding the parents from the dance space and indeed parents are encouraged to dance with their children if this is what their child needs at that moment in time.

Baby ballet classes are usually half an hour as we feel this is the optimum timescale for little ones learning and enjoyment.

Classes for 5 year olds and above are Cecchetti syllabus based, teaching age appropriate work, preparing children to examination standard whilst still keeping a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Cecchetti is a widely accepted and highly valued method of classical ballet taught throughout the world and is part of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD). Cecchetti was first developed by Enrico Cecchetti based on quality of movement gained from teaching technical training in balance, co-ordination and musicality. Past pupils of the method include Nijinsky, Pavlova, de Valois, Markova and Rambert and it is the basis of many traditional classical ballets we see in most ballet companies’ repertoire today.

The Cecchetti method examination system consists of a number of levels, progressing in difficulty from one standard to the next. Students study these grades in sequence and would be expected to develop a greater degree of ballet technique at each stage.

The Principal will suggest when a child is ready for an exam and it is always your choice whether your child participates or not. As this is a syllabus devised with children in mind, all examinations are completely optional. The examinations are held in a non-stressful way at the usual dance studio, where students perform the relevant level work for an ISTD examiner who assesses their artistic and technical execution of it. The children usually have a great time and feel a real sense of achievement when they receive their certificates.

Classes for these age groups range from 40/45 minutes in duration to 75 minutes depending on age and level.

Pointework is taught at an age/ability when the students have attained sufficient strength and control to be able to do so safely.

Pianists are used for almost all our classical ballet classes so children learn to appreciate music and musicians and are able to work confidently with them. By using live music the children are exposed to much more musical variety and therefore attain greater musical awareness.

Classes are held in our spacious studio with purpose-built ballet barres, full length mirrors and sprung wooden floor in the heart of Hampstead Village.

Adult ballet classes are available and please do contact the Principal to discuss your own personal experience in order to determine suitable classes.