I have so many fond memories of my days at Rona Hart. I was three when I did ‘good toes, naughty toes’ – It’s comforting that nothing has changed! My daughter was three when I started taking her to tap dancing in the same, familiar hall.

Helena Bonham-Carter

Without Rona Hart I do not think I would have had the possibility to have the creative life that I am lucky to be living today.

David Dawson

My daughter decided to take up ballet at 12 years old when we moved here from New York. From the moment I enquired about my daughter taking classes up until 3+ years later I have been nothing but utterly impressed by the attitude, teaching and commitment of Miss Linzi and her team. My daughter is now doing 2 classes (she would do more if she could) a week and it makes her so happy. The balance between discipline, learning and having fun is just right. I love that it takes place in a low key venue with a pianist and that every term parents can watch the last class, which is not a show, but a normal lesson. The 2 yearly show is an amazing spectacle with so much effort put in and clearly demonstrates how loved the school is by all the happy dancers from toddlers up to teens. I couldn’t recommend Rona Hart Dance School more highly.

Katie M
My daughters, now aged 11 and 9 years, have been doing ballet at Rona Hart since they were 3 years old. Miss Linzi’s commitment and dedication during that time has never wavered. Her School is extremely well run, with excellent and delightful teachers. The girls are well prepared for their ballet exams and every other year take part in a wonderful dance show, which is a feat of organisation, with wonderful choreography and costumes.
Frances S

We have been coming to Rona Hart School of Dance since seven years. The ballet classes are very loved by my daughters. The teachers are very kind and professional and having a pianist makes the whole experience exquisite. Every two years Miss Linzi Else and her dedicated team put on an amazing dance production where all students can perform. It’s also possible to take exams. The dance studio is hidden in a lovely building behind the church yard. We also appreciate the wooden dance floor.

Vivienne S

It is already the second year since my daughter has joined Rona Hart. She thoroughly enjoys every class and I love watching her perform after each term. Classes are conducted with a teacher and a pianist. The grand piano in classroom gives even more beautiful ambience to all the little ballet dancers. You also have an option to take exams. I will definitely continue recommending Rona Hart to anyone who is passionate and interested in quality ballet lessons. Thank you to Miss Linzi Else- School Principal and all the teachers.

Zanna B
Classical ballet taught in a classic yet inspiring way. A Hampstead institution! My daughter loves classes, performing and the chance to experience exams. Couldn’t recommend enough
Zoe M

My daughter has been dancing here for over a decade and she still loves coming every week. Miss Linzi is an amazing teacher and motivator. The performances every two years are truly special.

Dana H
We’ve been at Rona Hart for four years and my daughter loves her tap lessons. The teachers are committed and we are happy with the quality of teaching. Whenever it’s parents viewing day or the school’s dance show, we always notice the sheer joy with which our children perform.
Christel F